Vondom – Ramon Esteve – Faz Planters Self Watering


Brand: Vondom
Designer: Ramon Esteve

Faz Planters Self Watering Ram¢n Esteve, architect of harmony, serenity and timelessness creates extensive FAZ Collection a masterpiece of exclusivity as well as quality. The noble Ensemble of 3 pieces FAZ Maceteros is the eye-catcher and must-have this summer. Brighten up your terrace / pool or front door with this charming planter.. The modular design of FAZ permits various combinations and can be changed to suit your taste. But not only the design and the diversity convincing – thanks to the material used polyethylene, FAZ is absolutely sturdy, extremely weather resistant and easy to clean. The FAZ Planter is made from rotational moulded polyethylene material. 100% Recyclable. Item suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Planter 1 Size: H 110 cm, 49 cm, 44 cm. Planter 2 Size: H 70 cm, 55 cm, 66 cm. Planter 3 Size: H 42 cm, 45 cm, 58 cm.

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