Wastberg – Winkel w127 Desk Lamp w Base Black

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Brand: Wastberg

Desk Lamp with Base Origin: Sweden The w127 challenges the perception of a material that is known to people just as ?plastics?, going further than what?s the norm not only in terms of function and the look, but about the feel and tactility of the material as well. The aim was a significant impression of substance, of materiality – the design celebrates the actual material as it is, straightforward, solid and honest, with a concept of hiding nothing, but showing its innermost values to the outside. No second skin, no paint coat, the true, bold material in its pure form. Technically, it uses a new high performance material which offered the possibility of doing large, solid cross-sections, giving the desired tactility, technical characteristics and freedom of design. Last but not least, it is based on over 60% biologically sourced material from the castor plant which does not compete with food production due to different agricultural requirements, making a step ahead by setting the course for producing independently of mineral oil based plastics. The mechanical solution is based on micro gas springs, widely used in the automotive and electronics industries. The gas springs have a lifespan of more than 50,000 compressions and give exceptionally good movement patterns. Winkel w127 is equipped with a seamless dimmer that is operated by an IR-switch. A built-in timer automatically turns the lamp off after five hours. Material: Solid fiberglas reinforced biopolyamide that is based on over 60 per cent renewable material derived from castor oil. Like any kind of thermoplastic it is recyclable. Size: L 54 cm, W 38 cm, H 10 cm

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