Wusthof Cooks Starter 5pcs Chef Knifes GOURMET

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Wusthof Cooks Starter 5pcs Chef Knifes GOURMET

Gourmet knives carve a special place in the WÜSTHOF repertoire when it comes to their intuitive and lightweight handling.

Every non-forged knife in the Gourmet series showcases typical WÜSTHOF high quality, with each blade laser-cut and toughened to a high degree of hardness at 56 Rockwell. The multi-step production process results in a nimble, lighter-weight version of its forged counterpart, making Gourmet knives an ideal entry point for new and seasoned cooks alike.

Gourmet knives feature a new, comfortable, and highly durable handle design made from a synthetic material called Polyoxymethylene (POM), which has a tighter molecular structure to resist fading and discoloration.

Lifetime Warranty
Made in Solingen, Germany


  • 10cm Utility Knife
  • 16cm Fillet Knife
  • 23cm Cooks Knife
  • 14cm Boning Knife
  • 26cm Sharpening Steel
  • Empty Knife Roll