Zenith 548E Plier Stapler


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Zenith 548E Plier Stapler

Zenith 548E Plier Stapler – According to Zenith’s history, the numbers of the models seem to correspond with the year they were introduced, the 548 in 1948

As a leader, ZENITH 548/E is used every day by millions of users who are satisfied with its quality, practicality, strength and endless capacity to function, even after years of continuous use.

It’s patented anti-jamming device ensures simple stapling without the fuss.

ZENITH 548/E can staple up to 30 sheets with its 6 mm staples.

Made entirely from painted metal with a nickel-plated finish.

The lead free enamel paint resists wear and corrosion.

  • Comes with 1,000 staples
  • Life-Guarantee for manufacturing defects

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