Danese Milano Fruit Bowl No 5.5

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Danese Milano Fruit Bowl No 5.5

Fruit bowl no 5.5 can technically be described as a “container” thanks to just a few essential elements – three horizontal bars on two sets of legs. The idea is to hold the fruit in a seemingly unstable way, showing the precariousness of nature.

Ron Gilad, the new creative director of Danese Milano, will express his point of view on Danese collection with the installation ‘Fragments of Life’, during the next Milano Design Week. To emphasize the modernity of a brand that has marked the history of design, Ron Gilad added two small dots in the logo, like eyes open on the future of design: those of the new “vision” in the wake of the Danese roots. “ Carlotta de Bevilacqua

“The DNA of Danese Milano carries a legacy that contains intellect, freedom, and exploration of daily life. Using minimum tools, research and modesty Danese managed to create an innovative language, a culture of useful objects that over the years became symbols. I found this playground to fit my personal way of thinking and be a fertile ground to both keep developing my past research on and to revive the Danese research, which started in 1957. I chose the title ‘Fragments of Life’ to frame the brands’ activity while keeping it open for interpretations.” Ron Gilad

Colors :
black + wood,
red + chromed metal

Size: H. 10 cm, L. 60 cm, W 10 cm.

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About the brand

Danese Milano
Danese Milano

Danese Milano is an Italian design company with a rich heritage and a longstanding reputation for producing innovative and iconic design objects. Established in 1957 by Bruno Danese and Jacqueline Vodoz, the company has played a significant role in shaping the history of Italian design. Here are some key aspects and notable features associated with Danese Milano:

  1. Pioneering Design: Danese Milano is known for its pioneering approach to design, pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities. The company has collaborated with renowned designers, architects, and artists to create products that blend functionality, aesthetics, and artistic expression.
  2. Timeless Aesthetics: The brand's designs exhibit a timeless aesthetic that combines simplicity, elegance, and a touch of artistic flair. Danese Milano products often feature clean lines, minimalistic forms, and high-quality materials, resulting in objects that stand the test of time and remain relevant across generations.
  3. Iconic Pieces: Over the years, Danese Milano has introduced several iconic design pieces that have become symbols of modern design. Notable examples include the Falkland pendant lamp designed by Bruno Munari, the Timor Perpetual Calendar by Enzo Mari, and the Spaghetti Chair by Giandomenico Belotti. These designs have received international recognition and are exhibited in prestigious museums worldwide. Innovation and Experimentation: Danese Milano has a strong focus on innovation and experimentation. The company constantly explores new materials, production techniques, and design concepts to create groundbreaking and thought-provoking objects. This commitment to innovation has led to the development of unconventional and forward-thinking products.
  4. Sustainable Design: Danese Milano is dedicated to sustainability and responsible production. They prioritize eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient manufacturing processes, and recyclability in their product development. The company's sustainable design approach reflects a commitment to minimizing environmental impact and contributing to a more sustainable future.
  5. Design Awards and Accolades: Danese Milano's designs have received numerous prestigious awards and accolades, recognizing their innovation, aesthetics, and contribution to the design field. These accolades showcase the brand's commitment to excellence and its significant impact on the design industry.

Danese Milano products can be found in select design stores, museums, and online platforms.

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