Eva Solo Orchid Pot White

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Eva Solo Orchid Pot White

A self-watering orchid pot that provides just the right growing conditions for orchids. By means of a nylon wick in the bottom of the pot, the plant draws up the water it needs. Made of glazed faience.


Carefully remove the plant from the plastic pot and shake the roots free of earth. Place the orchid in the self watering pot and cover the roots with the orchid mixture. Shake the roots slightly so the earth settles. Orchid roots need air, so let them protrude a little. Pour water into the outer bowl.

Caring for orchids

Light and heat
Orchids thrive at 25° C in daytime and 18° C at night. Do not place them close to a radiator etc. Orchids should preferably stand in an east or west-facing window but not in direct sunlight.

Ideally use lime-free water, for example rainwater, when watering. Regularly give leaves and visible roots a douche with a plant atomizer, but avoid spraying the flowers.

Use special orchid fertiliser. Feed lightly and only during the growing period. Feed every other time or every third time that you water in spring and summer, but not during the winter.

Orchids should be replanted in special orchid mixture every two to three years, or once the pot is full of roots. The best time to do this is in early spring.

Orchids flower for a long time, some species for as much as six months. After flowering, cut the floral stem away,
and once the stem begins to wither, cut it down to the third or fourth nodule.

As there are many different orchid species, it is always a good idea to find out whether your particular species

Color White
Cleaning All parts are dishwasher-safe.
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Material Faience, Nylon string, Plastic
Size 17 cm
Height 14,5
Width 18,5
Depth 18,2
Weight 0,92
Designer Tools Design

About the brand

Eva Solo
Eva Solo

Eva Solo is a Danish design brand known for its functional and stylish home and kitchen products. Established in 1913, Eva Solo has a long history of producing innovative and high-quality items that blend form and function seamlessly. The brand's products are recognized for their minimalist Scandinavian design, attention to detail, and user-friendly features.

Eva Solo's design philosophy revolves around creating products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and user-friendly. They strive to simplify everyday tasks and enhance the enjoyment of daily rituals through thoughtful and innovative design.

Their products are designed to enhance the cooking and dining experience, with a focus on functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Eva Solo is known for its stylish and functional drinkware. Their collection includes glassware, thermos flasks, carafes, teapots, and coffee makers.

Eva Solo offers a range of home accessories that add style and functionality to various living spaces. This includes items such as vases, candle holders, storage solutions, bathroom accessories, and more.

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