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Designed: 2007 Riddled Cupboard Origin: Italy Co designed: Steven Holl and Nick Gelpi The perforations in ?Riddled Front? permit the passage of light, giving form to an unusual shimmering display around it and creating a singular “hide and seek” effect, as if it were a sensual garment made of a lightweight fabric, delicately revealing the body of the person wearing it. The lightweight Canaletto walnut doors of ?Riddled Front? do not obscure its contents, but leave them barely visible. The front and sides are made of fabric sandwiched within Canaletto walnut, eliminating the need for metal hinges and preserving the linearity of the structure. Only light, the emblematic construction element, interrupts the surrounding environment: dynamic and variable porosity, like sunlight. Faceted doors, like diamonds which, for the ancient Greeks, were fragments of stars that had fallen to the earth. The top and back are in white or black lacquered wood. ?Riddled Front? is available in two different heights, with a single sheet of continuous wood creating the two sides and the four doors uninterrupted in its design, in keeping with the elegance and formal simplicity of this madia cabinet. Size: H 66 cm, L 192 cm, Depoth 50 cm.

About the brand

Horm Casamania
Horm Casamania

Horm Casamania is an Italian furniture company that specializes in the design and production of contemporary furniture and home accessories. Founded in 2002, Horm Casamania combines innovative design concepts with skilled craftsmanship to create unique and functional pieces for the modern home.

The company collaborates with renowned international designers and architects to bring fresh perspectives and creative ideas to their collections. These collaborations result in furniture that blends aesthetic appeal with practicality, offering innovative solutions for various living spaces.

Horm Casamania's product range includes a diverse selection of furniture pieces such as sofas, chairs, tables, storage units, shelving systems, and lighting fixtures. Each design reflects a balance between form and function, incorporating clean lines, sleek finishes, and often incorporating eco-friendly materials.

One of the notable characteristics of Horm Casamania's creations is their versatility. Many of their furniture pieces are modular or adjustable, allowing for customization and adaptability to different environments and individual needs. This flexibility makes their products suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

In addition to their furniture offerings, Horm Casamania also produces home accessories and decorative items that complement their furniture designs. These accessories include mirrors, clocks, rugs, and other accent pieces that add style and personality to interior spaces.

Horm Casamania products are sold internationally through various authorized retailers and design showrooms. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship and contemporary design has garnered them recognition within the design industry and has made their pieces sought after by design enthusiasts and homeowners alike.

Overall, Horm Casamania is a dynamic furniture company that embraces creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Through their distinctive designs and commitment to quality, they continue to make a mark in the world of contemporary furniture and interior design.

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