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Northern Valet Wall Console

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Colour: Light Oiled Oak
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Northern Valet Wall Console

Combining timeless Nordic wood crafting techniques with forward focussed design values, the Valet wall console from acclaimed designer Sami Kallio can be used as a desk, side table or nightstand. This neat, multi-functional and precision-made piece maximises storage without compromising your style.

Exploring the concept of space, form and functionality, this floating curved platform can be hung at any height you choose, allowing you to adapt its use no matter where you live or how you choose to use it.

The Valet wall console also creates the perfect workspace for your home office too, with the lower shelf and unconventional circular drawer, providing a place to tidy away all your essentials at the end of long day.

Available in a light oiled oak, smoked oak, or black painted oak, the bottom of the drawer also comes with Sørensen leather detailing providing a tactile distinction.

Wall console
Materials: MDF, oak veneer, solid oak
Colours: Light oiled oak, smoked oak finish or black painted oak

Material inside drawer: Leather (Ultra from Sørensen)
Colour inside drawer (leather): Camel (41571)

Dimensions: L: 92 cm W: 35 cm H: 10 cm
Net weight: 8.0 kg

About the brand

Northern is a contemporary lighting and furniture company based in Norway. Founded in 2005, Northern aims to create products that blend Scandinavian design traditions with innovative concepts and high-quality craftsmanship.

The company collaborates with talented designers and architects from around the world to develop its collections. By fostering a creative exchange of ideas, Northern produces designs that are unique, functional, and visually striking.

Northern's product range includes a wide variety of lighting fixtures, furniture pieces, and home accessories. Their lighting designs encompass pendant lights, floor lamps, table lamps, wall sconces, and chandeliers. These lighting fixtures feature a combination of materials such as metal, glass, wood, and fabric, resulting in a diverse range of styles to suit various interior aesthetics.

In addition to lighting, Northern offers a selection of furniture pieces that prioritize comfort, functionality, and contemporary design. Their furniture range includes sofas, lounge chairs, dining chairs, coffee tables, and storage units. These pieces often incorporate clean lines, organic shapes, and premium materials to create comfortable and stylish living spaces.

Northern also produces home accessories, such as mirrors, clocks, and decorative objects, that complement their lighting and furniture designs. These accessories often feature a minimalist aesthetic and attention to detail, adding a touch of elegance and personality to interior settings.

The company's commitment to sustainability is reflected in their production processes. Northern strives to use eco-friendly materials and implement responsible manufacturing practices. They prioritize longevity and durability in their designs, aiming to create products that can withstand the test of time.

Northern products are available worldwide through authorized retailers, design boutiques, and online platforms. Their designs have received international recognition and awards, showcasing their commitment to exceptional design and craftsmanship.

In summary, Northern is a Norwegian design company that specializes in contemporary lighting, furniture, and home accessories. With a focus on Scandinavian design principles, innovation, and sustainability, Northern continues to create products that inspire and enhance modern living spaces.

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