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In a sense, we are all capable of hiding our emotions by wearing an imaginary mask. If we choose to, our facial expressions can expertly camouflage what is going on inside. It is this genius concept by Fabio Novembre, to sculpt a piece of furniture that creates the space to completely conceal the person hiding behind the mask. The Nemo Chair evokes a beautifully mysterious concept that allows you to stow yourself away or, embrace the room depending on the position you choose for this fabulously innovative chair!

Nemo, designed for Driade by Novembre, was presented for the first time in Milan during Salone del Mobile 2010 providing the ultimate WOW factor with it’s reveal of the inner seating component. The ability to create an element of surprise is Novembre’s piece de resistance! The human form is capable of becoming embodied inside a mystical, universal capsule allowing the figure to appear abstract, similar to ancient Greek art.

The close working relationship between Driade and Panik has spanned over 15 years! It is our fabulous, fashionista company founder and visionary, Paul Overton, who has enjoyed providing both Silverstone Racing and MTV with the Driade Grande Plie sofa. Paul also worked with the popular and well known TV show Big Brother, providing them with the Driade MT eviction chair, sat on by the late Jade Goody.  Always one to show off, let me excitedly share with you that the Nemo chair was also used in the fantastic Norwegian movie In Order of Disappearance! 

Nemo was one of the first pieces I bought when I started working at Panik Design. It’s my son’s favourite chair in the showroom along with the ‘butt chair’ which I will explain in another blog (feel free to look it up, the Horm Casamania Him Her Chair!) It is one of my greatest pleasures, arriving home to see the soft silhouette of Nemo through the living room window. Her profile is gentle, welcoming and familiar. Anyone that visits my house always says the same thing ‘what a fabulous chair!’ Funky yet inspiring, Nemo feels like part of the family, not just a chair!

Bring a piece of Hollywood into your home or garden with… the Driade Nemo!

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