If you wanna know if he loves you so, it’s in his kiss!

Today at Panik Design we are all in a smoochy kinda way! Ever since we laid eyes on the Opinion Ciatti Lipstick Mirror the vibe in the office has turned all lovey dovey! That’s the incredible thing about contemporary design. It provokes thought, conversation, mood. It’s not just furniture, it’s a mindset. It’s a journey.

” Little sentences, a few words or maybe just a simple kiss left there, waiting patiently to be noticed … the messages, especially the unexpected ones, have always excited me…” Bruno Rainaldi

Looking at the Opinion Ciatti mirror is reminiscent to me of the trademark lipstick print on the back of envelopes, signed with the acronym SWALK.  If you are unfamiliar with this abbreviation it means ‘Sealed With A Loving Kiss’. This generation believe they are the inventors of elisions such as IDK and NGL but, long before Text and WhatsApp came into play, Winston Churchill received a World War letter that said ‘OMG’ (LOL)! Soldiers and their sweethearts used risqué acronyms using geographic names as a code. I could give you some examples here but I wouldn’t want to make you blush! Mail was observed to be the number one morale builder in a service person’s life, it was even considered a patriotic duty!  Imprinting a lipstick mark was part of this, in essence, sealing the letter with a kiss!

Opinion Ciatti Lipstick is not just a mirror. There is a distinct serenade in its presence. In some ways it has the suggestion of an optical illusion about it. Innocently appearing a simple piece of looking glass, but a second glance reveals the scarlet detail that indicates a sensual image reflecting back at you. The icon Marilyn Monroe had a famously red pout, could she have left it there? Or is it a message left to a secret admirer displaying a symbol of affection? It’s fun, it’s functional, it’s fabulous! What more could you want in a mirror?! It’s got the moves like Jagger, that’s for sure! Playfulness mixed with a pinch or irony makes the Lipstick mirror the perfect addition to your living or workspace.


To view the Opinion Ciatti Lipstick Mirror click on the link below!

Opinion Ciatti Lipstick Mirror – https://panik-design.com/product/opinion-ciatti-lipstick-mirror/

Opinion Ciatti Collection – https://panik-design.com/product/opinion-ciatti-lipstick-mirror/#/fd684b72-4828-44a3-a786-9e258f3ef6b1/fullscreen/autofilters=true&page=1&query=opinion+ciatti&query_name=match_and&rpp=20

With love!

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