Party season is just around the corner so this week at Panik Design it’s been all about the razzle dazzle of winter celebrations! We have collectively decided that there are few things that will keep you clean and tidy as well as being super stylish…. Allow me to explain.

For those of you that have visited our showroom or seen us on social media, I think you will agree that we are a quite a glamorous bunch. It is our belief that we never compromise fashion for any reason so when it comes to sanitising why should it be any different? More than ever, we are wanting to keep our hands germ free. Sanitiser is the new soap in some respects. If you share the same opinion as me, most of the sanitising gels and liquids available are dull as old dishwater. Finally, Eva Solo have taken hand hygiene and made it trendy, wahoo! According to the Panikista girls, elegance is of the most importance even when it comes to our ani-bac!  Popping the Eva Solo hand sanitiser in your handbag has become as significant as your lipstick, it’s that item you don’t want to be without. So why not make it fashionable too! Identifying more like a perfume or small sleek container, applying this sanitiser is much more discreet making it an essential item for more exclusive settings, as well as for every day use.

While we are on the topic of handbags, another cute must have accessory the Panikista girls are raving about is the Alessi Minou Handbag Hook. Available in 2 exquisite little designs by Frederic Gooris, the handbag hook is a fabulous innovative practicality that rests on the edge of a table beside you, holding your handbag off the floor. We girls LOVE our handbags, they are an icon in their own right! Keeping them under the table steals their shine so the Alessi Minou gives your handbag a place at the table without needing another chair. Simply genius! It’s glitz, it’s glamour and it’s perfect for holding your purse…. before you need it to dance around, that is!

Click on the links below to view the Eva Solo Hand Sanitiser and the Alessi Minou Handbag Hook!

Eva Solo Hand Sanitiser –

The Eva Solo Collection –[brand][]=Eva+Solo&page=1&query=eva+solo&query_name=match_and&rpp=20

Alessi Miou Handbag Hook –

The Alessi Collection –[brand][]=Alessi&filter[categories][]=Accessories&page=1&query=alessi&query_name=match_and&rpp=20

With Love!

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