When The Cat is Away

“Don’t F**k With The Mouse. The chair is done to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. It’s an art take on it. It’s not a product or anything. It is a handmade piece….” Ron Arad

And this is why I LOVE my job! I mean, just take a look at this chair and ask yourself, where on EARTH did this design come from? What was the designer thinking, what was the inspiration? It was my phone call to our company visionary and owner – the dapper and dandy Mr Paul Overton, that prompted this blog. His opening sentence to our conversation made me instantly BUZZ…. “You need to take a look at THIS!!!” ‘This’ being the new release from Qeeboo by artistic genius Ron  Arad.

Panik Design are ecstatic to present the Don’t F**k with the Mouse, a chair series and set of tapestries inspired by the world’s most famous mouse! Sometimes a function looks for a material; sometimes, a material looks for function; sometimes, a seminal piece looks for another adventure; sometimes, another adventure looks for a seminal piece. Bottom line: The “Big Easy” by London based designer and architect Ron Arad makes its Big Comeback, and the message is clear: “Don’t F**k With The Mouse.”!

It’s a really fun part of our job when customers get the desired shock factor from a piece we have. There are so many items of furniture in our showroom that provoke the same reaction each time. There’s the glance, the look back, the eyes wide, then the WHAT THE HECK IS THAT reaction!!! I love it and it’s a response that never wears off. Even in my own home, anyone that comes to my house is distracted by my furniture. This is one of the many talents of contemporary design, it engages thought and conversation in some way.

The world needs more FUN and here you have it, what could be more fun than a chair modelled on the infamous Mickey Mouse! It takes you back to your childhood where fantasy blended with reality and magic was real. Originally created in 1988, Ron Arad’s iconic Big Easy armchair has undergone numerous metamorphoses over the years – from a colourful lacquered version from the early ‘90s to a plush upholstered So8 Big Easy edi6on. Nicknamed “Mickey” as the large, round armrests made it resemble the Disney character, the Big Easy is one of the most recognisable of Arad’s designs.

Panik Design are the first out of the trap with this sneak peek of probably the most playful and humorous chair you will ever own. You can place a pre-order, shipping times for this are yet to be revealed! You’ll be sure to misbehave when this chair is in your possession, you know what they say – when the cat is away, the Don’t F**k with the Mouse will play!

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