Rosendahl is a Danish design company that specializes in creating high-quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing home accessories, kitchenware, and lifestyle products. The company was founded in 1984 by Erik Rosendahl and is known for its commitment to Scandinavian design principles of simplicity, functionality, and timeless elegance.


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Rosendahl GC Porcelain PlatesRosendahl GC Porcelain Plates
Rosendahl GC Thermos Flask 65clRosendahl GC Thermos Flask 65cl
Rosendahl Grand Cru Dressing ShakerRosendahl GC Salad Dressing Jar 25cl
Rosendahl GC Salad Dressing JarRosendahl GC Salad Dressing Jar
Rosendahl Salt and Pepper Cellar setRosendahl Salt and Pepper Cellar set
Rosendahl Ice Bucket w Tongs Grand CruRosendahl GC Ice Bucket w Tong
Rosendahl GC Wine Cooler 22cmRosendahl GC Wine Cooler 22cm
Rosendahl Christmas Tree Top StarRosendahl Christmas Tree Top Star
Rosendahl Christmas Tree Top Star Sale priceFrom $69.00
Rosendahl Grand Cru Kitchen Roll HolderRosendahl GC Kitchen Roll Holder
Rosendahl Christmas Diamond DecorationRosendahl Christmas Diamond Decoration
Rosendahl GC Pepper MillRosendahl GC Pepper Mill
Rosendahl - Grand Cru Salt MillRosendahl GC Salt Mill
Rosendahl GC Cake ServerRosendahl GC Cake Server
Rosendahl GC Cutlery 16pcsRosendahl GC Cutlery 16pcs
Rosendahl GC Salad Serving SetRosendahl GC Salad Serving Set
Rosendahl GC Milk Jug 40clRosendahl - Grand Cru Milk Jug
Rosendahl GC Coffee Cup and Saucer 26clRosendahl GC Coffee Cup and Saucer 26cl
Rosendahl Mug 340ml 2pcs GRAND CRURosendahl GC Mug 34cl 2pcs
Rosendahl GC Porcelain Serving Dish 44cmRosendahl GC Porcelain Serving Dish 44cm
Rosendahl Serving Dish Rectangular GRAND CRU
Rosendahl GC Glass Egg Cup 2pcsRosendahl GC Glass Egg Cup 2pcs
Save 27%
Rosendahl Grand Cru Bamboo Small Chopping Board
Rosendahl GC Oil and Vinegar Bottle 20clRosendahl GC Oil and Vinegar Bottle 20cl
Rosendahl GC Ramekins 2pcsRosendahl GC Ramekins 2pcs
Rosendahl Oven Glass Dish Cocotte GRAND CRURosendahl - Grand Cru Casserole Dish with Lid 5.4L
Rosendahl GC Cheese KnifeRosendahl GC Cheese Knife
Rosendahl GC Long SpoonRosendahl - Grand Cru Latte Spoon
Rosendahl Grand Cru Thermos Jug Stainless SteelRosendahl - Grand Cru Thermos Jug Stainless Steel
Rosendahl Coffee Cup with Saucer GRAND CRU SOFTRosendahl Coffee Cup with Saucer GRAND CRU SOFT
Rosendahl GC Glass Mug 2pcs 24clRosendahl GC Glass Mug 2pcs 24cl
Rosendahl GC Wine PourerRosendahl GC Wine Pourer
Rosendahl Wine Aerator and StopperRosendahl Wine Aerator and Stopper
Rosendahl GC Glass Carafe 90clRosendahl GC Glass Carafe 90cl
Rosendahl Grand Cru Lid for CarafeRosendahl GC Spare Lid for GC Carafe 90cl
Rosendahl GC Wine StopperRosendahl - Grand Cru Wine Stopper
Rosendahl Premium Spirits Glass 23cl 2pcsRosendahl Premium Spirits Glass 23cl 2pcs
Rosendahl Premium Beer Glass 60cl 2pcsRosendahl Premium Beer Glass 60cl 2pcs
Rosendahl - Premium Red Wine Glass 2pcs Set 93clRosendahl - Premium Red Wine Glass 2pcs Set 93cl
Rosendahl - Premium Water Glass 2pcs Set 52cl
Rosendahl Premium Champagne Glass 39cl 2pcsRosendahl Premium Champagne Glass 39cl 2pcs
Rosendahl Premium White Wine Glass 54cl 2pcsRosendahl - Premium White Wine Glass 2pcs Set 54cl
Rosendahl Premium Schnapps Glass 5cl 2pcsRosendahl Premium Schnapps Glass 5cl 2pcs
Rosendahl Grand Cru Cafe Glass 4pcsRosendahl GC Coffee Glass 4pcs 37cl
Rosendahl GC Tumbler 22cl 6pcsRosendahl GC Tumbler 22cl 6pcs
Rosendahl GC Tumblers 27cl 4pcsRosendahl GC Tumblers 27cl 4pcs
Rosendahl GC Long Drink Glass 30cl 4pcsRosendahl GC Long Drink Glass 30cl 4pcs
Rosendahl Grand Cru Tall Shot Glass 6pcsRosendahl GC Shot Glasses 6pcs
Rosendahl GC Brandy Glass  24cl 2pcsRosendahl GC Brandy Glass  24cl 2pcs
Rosendahl GC Champagne Glass 24cl 2pcsRosendahl GC Champagne Glass 24cl 2pcs
Rosendahl GC Red Wine Glass 45cl 2pcsRosendahl GC Red Wine Glass 45cl 2pcs