Erik Magnussen

Erik Magnussen (1940-2014) was trained as a ceramist at the School of Applied Arts and Design in Copenhagen.
Among friends he was called ‘The Potter’. He always introduced himself as a ceramist rather than a designer. Whatever material he chose to work with he would refer to ceramic method.
A visionary headmaster at the Bernadotte School saw the young boy’s talent, giving him almost unlimited access to the ceramic workshop - even during math classes.
Erik Magnussen’s grandfather was a well known art dealer and a close friend of leading artists in Copenhagen.
His father was a gifted engineer involved with the heat treatment of steel and with test driving English motorcycles.
As a young artist Erik created large sculptures in both iron and clay, testing the limits of the materials. His interest in technical solutions, and his early contact with industry, designing for the Bing & Grøndahl Porcelain Factory in his early twenties, led him in the direction of industrial design.