Eva Solo – Tools – Rain Gauge

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Brand: Eva Solo
Designer: Tools

Designed: 2015 Rain Gauge Origin: Denmark How much rain has actually fallen? The Eva Solo Rain gauge collects the rain drops in an elegant, funnel-shaped receptacle which has a scale from 0 to 60 mm or 2.5 inches on the side. The glass receptacle is fitted on a spike which is stuck in the ground where desired. It is easy to detach the receptacle from the spike for emptying. The receptacle is also dishwasher-safe and frost-proof for use all year. Easy to read and empty Holds up to 60 mm of rain Frost-proof glass that goes into the dishwasher Material: Stainless steel, Glass, Nylon Volume: 0,5 L Size: Diameter: 12,7 cm, Height: 116 cm

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