Vipp Organic Cotton Towels


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Vipp Organic Cotton Towels

Vipp towels are made of pure organic cotton for premium quality, water absorption and softness. The towels are fitted with a rubber strap imprinted with washing instructions.

The towels are available in two colours and three versions – Guest towel, Hand towel and Bath towel.

Organic cotton, rubber

Guest towel: 40 x 60 cm
Hand towel: 50 x 100 cm
Bath towel: 75 x 135 cm 

Black, grey

The Brand: 

It began as a love story

Sometimes winning the lottery leads to more than just temporary excitement. When Vipp founder Holger Nielsen won a car on his ticket to the local soccer stadium in 1932 it was the beginning of Vipp. He just did not know it. He sold the car, bought a metal press and few years later, when his wife Marie needed a bin for her hairdressing salon, he went to his one-man workshop and crafted what today is known as the Vipp pedal bin. 

This year, Vipp celebrates its 80th anniversary. Holger could not have imagined that the pedal-controlled bin he designed in 1939 would eventually sow the seed for a full-blown design universe of accessories, furniture and kitchens. Nor that his bin would be a catalyst for a design hotel concept.

Vipp is still a family-owned, independent, Danish design company run by Holger’s daughter, Jette Egelund, her two children Kasper and Sofie together with 45 employees in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Whether it is developing a bin, rethinking the modular kitchen, creating a furniture line or hosting the Vipp Hotel, they still measure the quality of products and concepts on their long-term ability to provide an experience out of the ordinary.



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Guest towel, Hand towel, Bath towel


Black, Grey