Mondaine STOP2GO Watch 41mm

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With its strikingly robust design featuring a crown-less case, the stop2go watch encapsulates the true essence of the iconic Swiss Railways station clock. The black dial and 41 mm brushed stainless steel case are paired with a black vegan grape leather strap. Equipped with the exclusive and unique Swiss-Made stop2go movement resembling that of the Swiss Railways clock it showcases a 2-second time stop. The watch also features Super-LumiNova® that allows the time to be read in darkness. The watch comes with a time setting pen to easily adjust time and align hands.

Bracelet/Strap: Vegan Grape Leather:
Case Material: Steel
Case Width: 41mm
Dial Colour Black/ White
Movement: Quartz (Battery)
Water Resistant: 30M
Hans Hilfiker
Designed by

Hans Hilfiker

Hans Hilfiker (15 September 1901 – 2 March 1993) was a Swiss engineer and designer. In 1944, working for the Swiss Federal Railways, he designed the Swiss railway clock, which became an international icon. The SBB clock was not the only contribution by Hilfiker to modern living. He developed the concept of the fitted kitchen and was responsible for the standard Swiss dimensions for kitchen components (55/60/90 cm).

About the brand

Mondaine is a Swiss watch company known for its iconic and timeless designs, particularly its Official Swiss Railways Watch. Founded in 1951, Mondaine has become synonymous with Swiss precision, quality, and distinctive minimalist aesthetics.

The hallmark of Mondaine's design is its association with the Swiss railway station clocks. The Official Swiss Railways Watch, also known as the "SBB Clock," features a simple white dial, a bold black hour marker, and the signature red seconds hand. This iconic design has gained global recognition and has become an emblem of Swiss design excellence.

Mondaine offers a diverse range of watches for both men and women. Their collections include classic and contemporary models, featuring stainless steel cases, leather or metal straps, and a variety of dial designs. While the SBB design remains their most recognizable, Mondaine also offers other styles, including chronographs, automatic watches, and special editions.

Precision and quality are at the core of Mondaine's craftsmanship. Each watch is meticulously assembled in Switzerland, adhering to strict Swiss watchmaking standards. The company combines traditional watchmaking techniques with modern technology, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

In recent years, Mondaine has embraced sustainable practices by incorporating eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. They have introduced collections featuring recycled and renewable materials, demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Beyond watches, Mondaine has expanded its product offerings to include a range of clocks, wall clocks, and accessories. These items incorporate the same elegant design language as their watches, adding a touch of Swiss style to homes and offices.

Mondaine watches are sold worldwide through authorized retailers, boutiques, and online platforms. Their commitment to craftsmanship, Swiss heritage, and timeless design has garnered a dedicated following of watch enthusiasts and admirers of Swiss precision.

In conclusion, Mondaine is a Swiss watch company renowned for its iconic Official Swiss Railways Watch and its commitment to precision and design excellence. With a blend of classic elegance and contemporary style, Mondaine continues to captivate watch enthusiasts with its timepieces that embody Swiss craftsmanship and minimalist aesthetics.

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