Magis is the story of a family, its passion for design and its drive to be daring. It all began in 1976 when visionary entrepreneur Eugenio Perazza decided to take a gamble on design. He started in Motta di Livenza, a small agricultural town in the Veneto region, where the artisanal dimension was a hotbed of creativity.

His idea was a bold one: pushing major serial industrial production, constantly experimenting with new codes, technologies and materials. He wanted to offer something “more” than the ordinary or predictable, as reflected in the name Magis itself, which means “more”.

Times were tough, but Perazza was a force of nature and he never stopped dreaming. Two months after its launch, Magis attended its first Salone del Mobile. The new brand was driven by great zeal, and little by little it broke down the traditional canons to which the area faithfully adhered: conventionalism and scepticism gave way to the new perspective of Magis.

“L’Esprit Magis”

Magis rapidly brought to the fore an international vision, all the while fully respecting and supporting local craftsmanship. Design, innovation and experimentation were at the company’s foundations. Its goal, to redefine the horizons of design. A story built step by step, achieving many important goals along the way.


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Magis 360° Adjustable Swivel Chair w Wheels Black
Magis - Chair One Public One Seating SystemMagis - Chair One Public One Seating System
Magis - Chair One Public Seating System 2Magis - Chair One Public Seating System 2
Magis Deja-Vu Wall MirrorMagis Deja-Vu Wall Mirror
Magis Deja-Vu Wall Mirror Sale priceFrom $1,357.00
Magis TAMBOUR Aluminium Side TableMagis TAMBOUR Aluminium Side Table
Magis - To The Wall Clamp qty x1 only (shelf not included)Magis - To The Wall Clamp qty x1 only (shelf not included)
Magis - To The Wall Glass Clear Shelf 30x90Magis - To The Wall Glass Clear Shelf 30x90
Magis - To The Wall Aluminium Shelf 30x90Magis - To The Wall Aluminium Shelf 30x90
Magis - Officina Iron Valet Stand BlackMagis Officina Iron Valet Stand Black
Magis Memo Magnets 6pcsMagis Memo Magnets 6pcs
Magis - Enzo Mari - Memo LargeMagis Memo Noticeboard and 6 Shapes
Magis My Space Safari Space Divider
Magis My Space Ocean Space DividerMagis - My Space Ocean Space Divider
Magis My Space Jungle Space Divider
Magis - Salad Little Flare TableMagis - Salad Little Flare Table
Magis - Circle Little Flare TableMagis - Circle Little Flare Table
Magis - Marcel Wanders - Large Little Flare Table
Magis - Little Flare Child's Table with Pen Holder
Magis Seggiolina Pop Kids ChairMagis Seggiolina Pop Kids Chair

3 colors available

Magis Alma Kids ChairMagis Alma Children's Chair

4 colors available

Magis Julian Children's ChairMagis Julian Children's Chair

8 colors available

Magis TRIOLI Kids Fix or Rocking ChairMagis TRIOLI Kids Fix or Rocking Chair

3 colors available

Magis Happy Bird LargeMagis Happy Bird Large
Magis Happy Bird Large Sale price$643.00

7 colors available

Magis Happy Bird Small by Eero AarnioMagis - Eero Aarnio Happy Bird Small White

2 colors available

Magis - Trotter Childrens ChairMagis Trotter Childrens Chair
Magis - Oiva Toikka - Downtown Shelving SystemMagis Downtown Shelving System Oiva Toikka
Magis Trunk Container Storage El BaulMagis Trunk Container Storage El Baul
Magis - Nido Nest/CaveMagis Kids Nest Cave NIDO
Magis Kids Nest Cave NIDO Sale price$1,369.00
Magis Villa Julia HouseMagis Villa Julia House
Magis - Marc Newson - Bunky Single BedMagis - Marc Newson - Bunky Single Bed
Magis - Marc Newson - Bunky Bunk BedMagis - Marc Newson - Bunky Bunk Bed
Magis Bunky Bunk Bed Blue Sale price$3,785.00
Magis ROCKY Rocking HorseMagis ROCKY Rocking Horse
Magis ROCKY Rocking Horse Sale price$1,088.00

3 colors available

Magis - Eero Aarnio - Pingy The Wobbling Penguin ChickMagis Pingy The Wobbling Penguin Chick by Eero Aarnio
Magis Paradise Tree Coat StandMagis Paradise Tree Coat Stand
Magis Trash Waste Bin BlackMagis Waste Paper Bin
Magis Waste Paper Bin Sale price$68.00

3 colors available

Magis Officina Floor Candle Holder Tree 15 ArmMagis Officina Floor Candle Holder Tree 15 Arm