Architectmade Duck and Duckling Blog Post


Happy 22nd Birthday Panik Design!
2 Little Ducks 22 BINGO!!

This weekend we are celebrating 22 years of Panik Design, how exciting is that! And what better way to do it than Bingo style! So in my best Bingo voice let me call out 2 little ducks 22 and share with your our favourite quackers, the Architectmade Duck and Duckling by Hans Bolling.

Frederiksberg, 1959, a family of ducks waddles into a busy street during rush hour. The policemen stopped the traffic for cars and pedestrians, allowing the adorable family to cross unharmed. This charming moment made the headlines of local newspapers and wooed the hearts of Danes Hans Bolling, a Danish architect and the creator of Duck and Duckling was so enamoured by the story, he brought them to life for everyone to keep on their window-sill.

This kind of story is the reason our company founder, Paul Overton, created Panik Design. It's all about the tale behind the design that motivates him. He is inspired by the result of the designers experience or imagination being brought to life in the contemporary furnishings we supply. The Panik Design business would not be possible without our fabulous customers, brands and suppliers! Thank you so much for your business for the last 22 years. You are the reason we are here and we are so grateful for you.

So with all the Panik Team in mind, Paul, Cata and the Panikista Girls - Mickyla and me, Happy 22nd Birthday Panik Design!
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