Alessi Firebird Lighter Blog Post

No, it can't be... Can it?!

The world needs more fun!
Introducing the comical design of the Alessi Firebird....

There are times in life that you must allow yourself to be overcome with the giggles. They say love makes the world go round but equally, so does laughter! If there is one thing we are not short of in the Panik showroom it is a sense of humour. I've decided that you deserve a chuckle today, so here's a little gift from me to you in the form of a feel good factor. BBQ season is approaching, garden chimneys are being lit, outdoor candles are flickering to set the ambiance. What better to light up your life and your flame requiring items than, the infamous Alessi Firebird Lighter.

That isn't what I think it is, is it?!

In 1993 a design workshop was held to investigate the communicative dimension of objects, their ability to inspire, intrigue and amuse people. The Alessi Firebird has managed to achieve all this and more. There are several reactions people have to this product from a double take, curiosity, and the obvious which is to find it funny! Outrageously explicit and a creation of erotic allusion, the Firebird caused some criticism in the more puritanical environments both in and outside of the design world. Even so, it is well known that there is no such thing as bad press, so the negativity simply created even more interest! It is evident that this sometimes misunderstood and provocative piece is a pop icon in it's own right and its popularity was proved when it went out of production. The lack of availability caused a surge in attraction and the Firebird became an obsession whereby it's loyal fans and investors became ready to part with considerably large sums of money to add it to their collections!

At Panik Design, being a few shades off vanilla is ok with us. The Firebird is not the first piece of functional art to be made with a shock factor and it won't be the last. Attention seeking, slightly inappropriate and an instant conversation starter, the Alessi Firebird is a hilarious addition to anything in your life that requires a flame. Send us a picture of where you display yours and any comments you receive when it gets noticed! But most of all, when you see or use it, smile, giggle, enjoy!

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