Posh Pets Dexter's Birthday Blog Post

The Panik Puppy

Celebrating... The Panik Puppy!

Happy vibes are mandatory when it comes to working for Panik Design. We can always find a reason to celebrate whether it be a new release from one of our brands or simply, just because! But today we have an extra special reason to glow. It's Dexter's 9th Birthday!

For those of you who have not been to our showroom, allow me to introduce you to Dexter. He is our company founders beloved Cavapoo and is absolutely, without a doubt, the charmer of the showroom! With his custom made precision cut Mohawk, this pooch is a trend setter to rival our most famous pieces of furniture. Never far from the treat tin, Dexter has mastered the ultimate puppy dog eyes that are impossible to resist. When he wants a snack, you will always always give in, he knows how to work it! Our faithful friend Dexter is at the Panik Showroom every day and once customers know he is here I'm always a little bit suspicious as to whether they want to see him, or our furniture!

They say that dogs are like their owners and in this instance, that is absolutely true! Regular readers to my blog with know that I am particularly expressive about our business owner, Paul's, dress sense. Extrovert, flamboyant and just sheer dandy, Paul's attire is catwalk ready every day of the week. And here is a little fun fact about Dexter, he hates water and refuses to walk through puddles. Our standing joke in the office is that this is because Paul won't get his designer shoes wet and avoids contact with damp and mud at all costs. It appears Dexter copies this ethic and doesn't want to get his designer paws wet! Isn't he a character!

At Panik we are huge animal lovers. They make a house a home and our office more than just a workspace. So If you have a fashionista cat or dog and want your pets furnishings to match your modern home, check out our range of designer pet items for your furry friends. 

Happy Birthday Dexter, we love you so much!

Ppppp Puppy Power!
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