Kay Bojesen

Kay Bojesen - A Celebration of Love!

Kay Bojesen - A Celebration of Love!

Congratulations to the happy couple, our Panikista Mayya Emms-Davies and her wonderful fiancé

Excitedly, I am able to write about one of my favourite subjects today, in more ways than one. John Lennon famously said, love is the answer. And he was absolutely right. Love leads the way and today we are celebrating the engagement of our beautiful and talented social media goddess, Mayya, to her perfect match, Adam! The proposal to Mayya was delivered in an area of outstanding beauty, the stunning Norwegian mountains. This holds a unique connection to the items I am writing about today which are made in delightful Denmark.

'The Bridal Couple by Kay Bojesen gives the newly-weds a gift for life that symbolises the big day and their shared future' Rosendahl
Kay Bojesen. Originally a silversmith, Bojesen became universally known for bringing wooden toys to life. We are talking a modern day Geppetto here! Bojesen has an extensive 2000 adored items in his collection all with an extraordinary ability to provoke thoughts and images from your own childhood. So how do you put life and soul into a wooden figure? Kay Bojesen makes this simple. Craft it with love then sprinkle it with magic and adventure! This is the spirit that goes into the woodwork carved by the beloved Danish designer. For over a century his storytelling through wood has the ability to transport words into something you can see and touch, what an incredible talent! 

Weddings are one of life’s greatest events held for one reason only, to honour love.  So naturally it should be commemorated with a life-long gift. The wedding day marks the beginning of a new shared story together, and this narrative was the focal point for Kay Bojesen. With wood as his medium, he created enchanting figurines that can be kept as heirlooms, memories that you can hold in your hand and pass down from generation to generation. The Bride and Groom shapes are based on the original styles from the archives, which are simple and minimalist, but full of heart and soul. Painted by hand with great precision and accuracy gives them the essence of romance and an originality that only the human hand can bring.
Whether you are giving the Bride or Groom alone or together as a pair, it will be a treasured gift that delights. With the characters’ sweet smiles and blushing cheeks of anticipation, the recipient will be reminded of the big day when they said yes to their loved one. Every time you see these wood carvings, they will demonstrate the most powerful and important thing you have to give that day...... LOVE. 

Happy Engagement to our Panik Bride and Groom, Mayya and Adam! We are so happy for you and wish you all the joy and happiness in the world as you start this new chapter together! With love, all your friends at Panik Design

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