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Does it get any bigger than ALESSI?!

MAN vs BEE.... The hilarious series on Netflix!

I absolutely LOVE it when I see a piece of our Panik Design furniture in its forever home. It happens all the time. Quite often I stop dead in my tracks to observe a light, or a chair, or something that looks familiar to me. This is exactly what happened this week while I was watching Netflix!  MAN vs BEE is a very funny Netflix show starring the legendary Rowan Atkinson, telling the story of Trevor Bingley who has proudly been employed as a housesitter. Starting his first job looking after an exquisitely furnished home, he finds himself in one catastrophe after another while trying to shoo out an inquisitive bee!  

One of the early scenes of this fabulous comedy series is filmed in the house owners uber modern kitchen. This kitchen is state of the art with all the latest in Vogue trends. In his first disaster, Trevor decapitates a priceless ornament and goes searching round their highbrow kitchen for some glue. This is when I jumped up and hit PAUSE (in a rather over dramatic fashion!)  because eye spy with my little eye, the stunning kitchenware range by the infamous brand Alessi! It's fair to say, the Alessi Plisse Kettle and Toaster set is one of our best sellers. Next to this stood possibly my favourite piece of kitchen design, the iconic alienesque Alessi Juicy Salif!

Now I know it's not tasteful to boast but, doesn't it feel SO FUN to own pieces of design that is used on TV! I'm such a little show off so this definitely feeds my ego but more than that, I am involved in an intense love affair with the furniture and furnishings we supply at Panik. Every single item has a story attached to it. This is one of the talents of our fashion crazed company visionary and founder, Paul Overton. He can tell you, in immense detail, the story behind every item we have. For example, the Alessi Juicy Salif idea came to the designer Philipe Starck whilst he was in the Amalfi coast, eating calamari!  Can I quickly go off topic here and tell you that today Paul is wearing rubber trousers, a Ripper the Bear jacket, mustard crocodile style shoes and a pocket square that I bought him. He says he's taking dandyism to the next level, and he totally does! Pop in and see him in the showroom... I'm sure he will let you have a feel of his rubber trousers as well as showing you our Alessi collection!

The Alessi brand is proving to bee (haha see what I did there?!) hotter than ever. The MAN vs BEE series showcases the Tinseltown status that they rightly deserve. Giovanni Alessi and his brother founded Fratelli Alessi Omegna in the early 20th century and began their 'workshop for processing brass and nickel silver sheet, with a foundry'. It was Giovanni's infatuation with metalwork that has proved the Alessi brand to be one of the most well known stylists of the last 8 decades, their reputation for scrupulous crafting and flawless finish holds its own to this day. 

As with all the designers that make up our incredible showroom and online boutique, we are very proud and grateful to be an authorised retailer for this revolutionary and historic brand. Our unapologetic addiction for Alessi's designs will continue forever!

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