Alessi Juicy Salif XXL White Blog Post

The Alessi Juicy Salif Blanc XXL

“My juicer is not meant to squeeze lemons; it is meant to start conversations.” Philippe Starck

Just how do Alessi do it? It's like they breathe the word FUN! Working with this famous brand is always a pleasure, never a chore. We can be having an ordinary day in the office, just pottering about doing normal things. Then we get a press release from Alessi and BUZZ ALERT! The vibe goes high, and the party starts immediately! Today I am presenting to you one of their best known products and it has collector's item written ALL over it. The Juicy Salif XXL White designed by the infamous Philippe Starck. The brand new release of the Salif from Alessi is not just a citrus squeezer, it is a design sculpture! This is an icon gone LARGE!  

I know we are not supposed to have favourites, but the original Salif is one of the first pieces of contemporary design that most of us here at Panik ever bought. With an extra terrestrial looking form its strangely fascinating presence has claimed a cameo in numerous film sets and tv shows ever since it was made. Starck came up with the idea whilst squeezing lemon over a plate of calamari in a restaurant off the Amalfi coast and doodled the sketch on a paper napkin. Voila! The truly iconic Salif Squeezer was born and its fast growing celebrity status bagged a showcase at the MOMA in New York! Alberto Alessi, buy his own admission says the Juicy Salif was 'the most controversial lemon squeezer of the century, but one of the most amusing projects I have ever done in my career!'. 

The Juicy Salif White XXL is for contemporary addicts who have a touch of the Alice and Wonderlands about them. Salif XXL creates a world of huge design objects in your living space. This item is meant to impress. Placed in a customer based environment this unconventional piece of furniture goes POP! Exaggerated in size is part of its wow factor! One thing is absolutely for sure, it will be the centre of attention and the topic of conversation wherever it is.  As with all the designers that make up our incredible showroom and website, we are very proud and grateful to be an authorised retailer for this revolutionary and historic brand. Our unapologetic craving for more of Alessi's treasures will continue forever!
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