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The Starck / Qeeboo Collab! - Panik Design


For those of you who are easily startled, cover your ears, now. Because our screams of excitement can be heard all the way to Australia! Oh yes, we've just discovered a brand new release from one of our favourite designers, Philippe Starck! At Panik Design we are absolutely crazy about Starck! If I take myself back over 25 years ago, Philippe Starck was the first famous designer I'd ever heard of. And who introduced me to this creative legend? You guessed it, our company founder, Paul Overton! So, imagine our delight when we heard of the first ever collaboration between Starck and one of our best loved brands, Qeeboo. The fun has just begun!

“The Helpyourselfs is a family of charming geniuses who watch over the happiness of the house by carrying the tables.” Ph.S.

Aren't we all in pursuit of happiness? The concept that we have our happiness protected by guardians that hold the household table is an idea almost impossible to resist. This table was designed by Starck with intent. The intent to activate a joyful vibe and invite a playful tone to the room it is placed in. What I love about this piece, as with so many of Starck's creations, is the curiosity in stimulates when you see it. Starting conversations is what Starck does best. Looking at the base of this table you are shown the silhouette of a body with three legs and three arms. Is this one person, or three people sitting back to back holding the table top? We will let you decide for yourself!

Contemporary design is so much more than just an item of function. In some cases, the furniture showcases the space it is surrounded by. In this instance, the table is an attention seeker, drawing your eyes to its presence. Absorbing energy from our surroundings is an awareness that is being understood more and more in the world. The Helpyourself Table has happy energy in it's DNA. Its creator made this a fundamental part of it's makeup. Soak up the joy oozing from the Helpyourself table, it's the perfect table to always cheer you up!

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