Rosendahl Soft Spot Light Blog Post

Let Love Light Your Way!
Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the nights getting darker that little bit earlier? September is here and with that comes the autumn amber in the leaves and the night sky, the orangey smoky tones that symbolise this change as we move into another season.

Here at Panik Design we are celebrating this yearly transition with some beautiful little lights, the Rosendahl Soft Spot lights. These delightful lights set an atmosphere by creating an ambiance that envelops the space they are in. Lights are a mood enhancer and we just love these dotted about the entrance of our showroom to wrap a feeling of calm and interest around customers that visit. Light can embrace, awaken senses and provide us with comfort and this is exactly what Rosendahl have given us here.


"Innovation, creative joy and respect for Danish design tradition – these are the watchwords of Rosendahl Design Group. Our ambition is to profile and protect Danish design treasures by rediscovering classics – as well as creating new ones in keeping with Danish design tradition. The common denominator is products that make every day more beautiful..."

Owning an item from the Rosendahl Design Group is like adding a generous pinch of Danish love into your life. Their furnishings are made with a warmth that is evident in each and every piece. Whether it's for your outdoor or indoor space, the luminous glow of these dome shaped lights fit in perfectly in any setting. Pop into our showroom and see them or order online. As the famous quote from the book of Genesis says.... Let there be light!
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